Best and safe link building strategies for 2015

It’s time now to release the most devastating penguin update. As per recent updates there are thousands of links are available to use as spam link to rank it. So many traditional links are working as spam. The main low quality links work as mainstream; with form of updated targeted numerous forms.


How can we discuss all strategies for 2015 for best and safe solutions? We got list of 7 strategies as below.

First of all need to know what is Link Building?

  • In the field of search engine optimization, link buildingdescribes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage.
  1. Leverage Content Curation for Earning Links
  2. Utilize Press Scale broken link building
  3. Curate Quotes from Top Personalities in Your Niche
  4. Use Pillar contents to earn links
  5. Give out testimonials in exchange for links
  6. Use engaging quizzes to build links

From 1990s, search engine works on links as votes for importance and popularity in ongoing opinion poll. The search engine refines that link data for use of fine art, complex algorithms to evaluated sites and pages information. Sometimes linking these links it’s kind of spam activities. The search engine algorithms work based on factors. Although engines, links aren’t analyze with popularity and members who are liked link. Instead it creates spam links authority. Always spammy websites receive so many links on search engine. That’s only reason why you need trustworthy sources and websites.

How to create signal links by using below list

  1. Link signals
  2. Global popularity
  3. Local/topic specific popularity
  4. Anchor text
  5. Trust rank
  6. Link neighborhood
  7. Freshness
  8. Social sharing