Boost Your Facebook Ad Marketing Campaign

Facebook ad marketing campaign is typically broadcast using different media channels. It may focus on specific kind of theme or any brands or any product. Facebook ad marketing campaign successfully achieved advertised campaign so far from last few years. This one is most favorite mediator for broadcast your ads. It has mazing space. We just need to have clear idea about what brings people together , what people love to share and where you want them to go and how to get them there.


Facebook Ad Marketing Campaign – Goals and Objectives

  • Targeting Value

Define Your Audiences by Value and Size

  • Growth

Social Media Analytics Is About Context

  • People Talking About (PTA): Total number of people who have had a brand-related action show up in their news feed.
    • Coverage: Total number of impressions per 1,000 fans.
    • Unique Reach: Total number of people seeing impressions.
    • Engagement Rate: Percent of people who saw a post who commented or liked.
  • Move to quality targeting over mass media blasts
  • Ad Targeting to Increase Feedback
  • Interest and Group Targeting
  • Engagement
  • Social Ads That Engage and Convert
  • Ad Copy Techniques
  • FOF (Friend of Friend)
  • Demographic Optimization
  • Ad Distribution

How we work here?

  • We provide segmentation here which targets our audience. This one work for all type of advertises. It includes finding people who are interested of that particular item.
  • Optimize ads: we provide audience to right story behind it
  • Scheduling campaign: Facebook ads marketing campaign displays ads differently by end of the day or end of the week.
  • Managing affordable budget: according to market strategy you need to spend money6 according to your clicks.
  • We track results of ads: we provide conversion tracking solution from google analytics. We can able to monitor your all records and generate all types of report as daily operation.

Strategy in a nutshell: The focus of this phase is to expand your target market on Facebook using a re-occurring contest strategy. These contests can be targeted to your top target locations or demographics. This process will give you more Page Likes and more engagement on the Page and more traffic to your website.

Facebook add marketing has structure to follow. It depends according budget, schedule, bidding, target and placement of advertise at different level. When we have new campaign and need to set new ads then might be need split test.

Split test for new campaign:

  • Website landing page
  • Different type of ads

Split test for new ads set:

  • Biding models
  • Different targets

What split test requires?

  • Different images
  • Different copy
  • Direct call to action button
  • Using different Facebook page for website clicks or website conversion ads.