Mobile App Development Using PhoneGap Cross Platform Technology

PhoneGap is great invention now days as open source framework for mobile application development which allows using more than one technology for cross web development such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The PhoneGap is web view container which provides 100% height and 100% width. Building application for each device such as iPhone, android and windows- different framework and different languages are required. There are so many PhoneGap apps are available in mobile app store.

The PhoneGap was founded by Apache Software Foundation so that’ how it knows as “Apache Cordova”. The PhoneGap build is one type of cloud service which is easy to use, quick build and compilation is quick as well along with compilers and hardware.


Advantages for PhoneGap

1) Not require any specific language
2) Supporting for all platforms
3) Supportive for all API’s
4) No extra skill require for developers
5) Robust

PhoneGap is used to build application which targets multiple platforms as in Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HP WebOS, Symbian, and Bada.

PhoneGap Application Development is based on HTML or dynamic or interactive experience using JavaScript. It has different approaches as if use cases, target audience, and user design and specific application. These all are depend how application will appear. It contains zoon in/ zoon out, view scale, page scroll, buttons and links using different browser behaviors.

The PhoneGap has two types of workflow which are illustrates as one applications are run on all mobile operating system with this specific platform and another is to use this platform while building an application on single platform and change lower level platform details. As we discuss PhoneGap application contains web view components for supporting all kind of platforms. It can be deployed along with hybrid applications.